Catherine McMillan

With over 10 years clinical practice, you’re in experienced, healing hands with Cath.

Energy healer, kinesiologist, coach, mentor, business-woman, mum, surfer, musician and more…

Cath has a vast lived experience in working through stress, trauma and pain. Be guided to a state of connection and inner peace as you transform and heal from your wounds.

Feel, breathe, release

You will learn how to connect in with your emotions to be able to self-heal whenever you need.

Heal your Heart

Let’s make life easier and more joyful for you – stop carrying around all that unnecessary baggage!

Energy Healing

Energetically releasing stress, pain, trauma & emotion really works! You’ll be amazed at how good you feel.

Ancient Wisdom

Allow yourself the time, space and guidance to be connected into your own innate wisdom during your kinesiology energy healing session.

Mind Body Medicine & Holistic Kinesiology have their theoretical and practical teachings firmly rooted in the foundations of the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine and the thousands year old energetic understandings of the wise Indian Ayurvedic Medicine.

Every consultation contains a personalised guided meditation designed to align you with your soul and empower you to find wisdom inside yourself.