Breathwork : The Cleansing Breath

Join people like you, who want to explore the various realms of consciousness.

You will experience powerful self-led healing in this class.

Your guide, Cath, creates an environment of transformational music, deep breathing and energy healing: our raised collective vibe opens pathways for you to explore your inner self.

Guided Shamanic / Holotropic Breathwork – each class will be slightly different and provide subtle shifts in direction and introspection.

Learn more about your facilitator* Catherine McMillan – CLICK HERE

*Breathwork Practitioner, Kinesiologist, Surfer, Coach, Meditation Teacher and more…

All classes are held at The Colon Cleansing Centre, Wollongong.

DATES = Saturday mornings : fortnightly 8:30am – 9:30am

July : 10th & 24th | Aug 7th & 21st | Sept 4th & 18th

The Cleansing Breath classes, with Cath, utilise the ancient wisdom of various teachings as we combine the techniques from various well known styles:

*Each session will be a little different!

Pranyama (yogic breathing practise)

Wim Hoff Breathing Style

Hypoxic Acclimatisation

Buteyko Method

Conscious Breathing

Shamanic Breathwork

Holotropic Breathwork

Every class and every Breathwork journey is slightly different for each of us. The power of your breath, intention, focus and the stimulation of different styles of music provide unique opportunities to feel, connect into and express emotion. Breathwork is a vehicle that allows you to travel with your soul and feel, move and flow with your breath to release stress, tension, memories, pain and trauma.

We breathe approximately 22,000 times a day. Most of us take about 16 breaths a minute. But how much attention to you pay to your breath or how you are breathing?

The way you breathe can directly correlate to your health and wellbeing.

Do you nose or mouth breathe?

Do you snore?

Do you hold your breath when stressed?

Do you get recurring sinus infections?

Do you calm yourself with breathing practices?

Do you exercise regularly and know how to maximise your breath?

Breathwork is a gateway to improved health and wellbeing : physically & emotionally.

Suggested payment for this workshop is $50. Those under financial stress, please pay what you are able to. Payment options on the day include: cash, EFTPOS, Direct Deposit & Paypal.