Breathwork for Surfers

For surfers, free-divers and sports-lovers! 

  • You will learn to remain calm in stressful situations, breathe better, increase lung capacity & breath-holding techniques.  
  • Combining: Pranayama (yogic breathing), Wim Hoff, Hypoxic acclimatization and Buteyko breathing methods.
  • Connect with a community of people like you : who want to explore levels of consciousness and enhance their physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing.

DATES = Thursdays 6:30pm – 7:30pm (fortnightly)

July : 15th,  29th | Aug : 12th, 26th  | Sept : 9th, 23rd

Held at The Colon Cleansing Centre, Wollongong.

Learn more about your expert and experienced facilitator Catherine McMillan : CLICK HERE

Participating in ALL sport, as we know, requires strength and fitness. The most important aspect of fitness is how you breathe, especially if you are a surfer or extreme sport participant.

If you are going out into big waves where the reality of being held under water is highly likely, then you must learn how to control your breath, breath correctly and become accustom to having low oxygen and excessing carbon dioxide in your body. You can train your body to tolerate an hypoxic state (lack of oxygen and saturation of carbon dioxide) simply by practicing breathing techniques in just a few minutes a day.

As an asthmatic, Cath has always been drawn towards breathing practices. Learning enhancing her ability to hold her breath was important due to her passion for surfing.

Since 2002 – Yogic Pranyama (breathing) | 2016 Equalize : BET (Breath Enhancement Training) Big Wave Surfing Breathing, 2018 Yoga of Sound / Mantra Teacher Training in India, 2019 Wim Hoff Training and 2021 The “O Breath” Breathwork Practitioner.

Suggested payment for this workshop is $50. Those under financial stress, please pay what you are able to. Payment options on the day include: cash, EFTPOS, Direct Deposit & Paypal.

Brought to you by Catherine McMillan.

QUALIFICATIONS : Mind Body Medicine Practitioner, Holistic Kinesiologist, Breathwork Practitioner, Equalize : Breath Enhancement Training, Yoga of Sound: Sanskrit Mantra Facilitator, Surfer, Musician & Mum.