Home & Business Energy Cleanse

Bought a new home? Moved house?

New Year – New Business Goals?

Had a negative person or entity in your home you want removed?

Dark or scary feelings in rooms?

Its New Moon | Full Moon and you want to revitalise the energy of your home?

Physically cleaned your home, but it needs that extra touch? The energy doesn’t feel right?

Energy Clearing of your home is very important for creating a peaceful and safe environment for your family.

Energy Clearing of your business will help to invite in new clients and sales and release any negative energy / disgruntled customers / unpleasant experiences from your space.

This process will take around 45 minutes and involves a meditation to set the intention for the clearing, then a physical walk through of your home, every room needs to be cleared.

We use sage, sound, voice and divine energy to cleanse your home. You can choose to be included in this process or simply allow Cath to do her work.

It doesn’t matter what time of the day, week, month you do your cleanse, but it is suggested that you first thoroughly physically clean your home.

Purge it of things you no longer need and tidy things up.

An ideal time to do this is with the New Moon.

To see what moon phase we are currently in and when may be a good time to cleanse your home, click here.